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Domain Name Registration FAQ

What does "domain registration" mean?
By registering a domain name you are reserving it for your sole use for a certain period of time by adding that domain name to the global directory of domains Internet wide.

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How do I register a domain name?
To register a domain name ending in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or .us simply enter your desired domain name in the following box and press Go! to see if it is available. 

Enter a domain, keywords, location, or name:

For $12.95/year (or $11.95/year for 2 year registrations) you can register any available domain name simply by providing your contact info and a valid credit card number.

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How much does a domain name registration cost?
Individual Registrars registration fees will vary. You can easily pay $35/year while other companies will charge less than $10. With the amount of competition in the current market there is no need to pay $35, but at the same time you need to beware of heavily discounted companies as what they are saving on the domain registration fee is likely being cut from their customer service department (even they even have one). Consider what it would cost you if your web site was unavailable for even a day and you'll understand the importance of a rapid customer service response.

Our domain registration costs:
$11.95/year for a two year registration 
$12.95/year for a one year registration 

No hidden costs, no additional Internic fees. It is a one-time fee for the exact same service other companies like Network Solutions want to charge you $35 for. For your convenience you can register by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

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How long does a domain registration last?
You can reserve a domain name in one year increments. During the registration process we offer you the choice between a one year and two year registration. Once you complete the registration you can extend that period up until ten years if you choose.

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What is the difference between the domain extensions?
Originally there was the .com, that was considered fro commercial, .net which was mostly used for networks and .org that was generally used by organizations. Today all three are available for registration by anyone, along with .info (information).
.biz is supposed to be reserved for businesses and .name for individuals' personal names only. These domain extensions are known as TLDs (Top Level Domains.
Domains ending in two letters (.us, .de, .jp, etc...) are country code top level domains (ccTLDs) and correspond to a country, territory, or other geographic location even though they may be promoted as something else (i.e. .tv and .ws being promoted as signifying TeleVision and WebSite when they are in fact the country codes for Tuvalu and Western Samoa  respectively)

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What is 'WHOIS' Information?
When you register a domain; the Registrant, Admin, Billing, and Technical contact information is collected by the Registrar and posted publicly for anyone to see. This is your 'WHOIS' information. Government and ICANN regulations require all domain holders to submit WHOIS information which is then collected and displayed in a public 'WHOIS' database!

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What does DNS mean?
Once you decide your host your domain name once of the first things your host will tell you to do is update your DNS (Domain Name Server) information. This Domain Name Server information is what makes the Internet easy to use by identifying the numeric address (IP or Internet Protocol) of each computer with a more recognizable alphanumeric string (the domain name). Instead of typing you can simply type which is much easier to remember.

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