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Prevent Domain Hijacking today!

A "domain hijacking" is when someone transfers your domain to another registrar without your approval. These fraudulent transfers are done in an attempt to gain ownership of your domain. When our TransferShield™ service is active, hijacking a domain is impossible. Only remove the TransferShield™ from your domains if you would like to transfer to another ICANN accredited registrar. TransferShield™ Service is FREE, and is included with all of our domain registrations. This extra security will help prevent unauthorized transfer requests and more.

Special Offer: Free Domain Lock with every purchase! Protect your domain name from domain hijackers!

If you already have a domain, simply transfer it to us and protect your domain today!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I unlock my domain when I'm done?
You need to unlock it before you can perform any action, such as renewal, DNS change, etc. Login to the manager with your username and password, and return to the TransferShield section. Enter your secret password. Click the Edit Transfershield link. Put a checkmark next to the domain(s) you need to unlock, and then click Continue. On the next screen, choose "NO" in the drop-down box, and continue. Your domain will be unlocked, and you can perform your action. You may return here when you are done to re-lock your domain. You may unlock and lock your domain an unlimited number of times at no additional charge for the entire length of the term you have purchased your domain for.

3. How does the security passphrase work?
On your first visit to the Transfershield section, if you haven't already set up your question and answer, you'll be prompted to choose a security password for your own protection. You must choose a question and provide the answer. You will be prompted for this answer every time you return to this section. Your options are: 1. Your pet's name; 2. Your mother's maiden name; 3. Your grandfather's first name; or 4. The last 4 digits of your Social Security number. These are items it is presumed that only you would know...

4. What if I forget the security passphrase?
If you have forgotten the answer to the security question, you will have to prove you are the owner of the domain in order to get access. You will have to contact us with either a valid photo ID (if the domain is registered to an individual) or the signatory page of the articles of incorporation (if the domain is registered to a company). So, choose something memorable!

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